Don’t get lost in gamification?

Gamification can be a complicated and confusing area. All this talks of mechanics, systems, badges, leaderboards etc. can lead to a loss of focus and direction. So how do we make sure that we see the woods through the trees?

To help focus gamification it is vital to keep 4 key pillars in mind. But what are these pillars and how will they help you grow your ecommerce.


  • ProgressThe trick to progress is to understand your user and your objectives. Hard core gamers require a different level of difficulty and progress then casual gamers In additional your business objectives should link closely to the games progression. Therefore before you think of mechanics and badge colours. Ensure you know who is playing and why you want them to play.
  • Feedback and Reward: Feedback and Rewards should be a combination of regular and random. Rewards must form an integral part of the game structure so that users are clear on the level of progress. However rewards should also excite and add spontaneity. Rewards and feedback need to equate with progress. Significant investment in time and effort should be justly rewarded. Lastly Remember that Feedback can be visual, touch based, auditory or emotional so ensure you use the most appropriate at each opportunity.
  • Social ConnectionOne of the key benefits of games over other formats is that they are inherently social. A user’s sense of achievement is relative to other. Only by knowing other players performance does a user fully appreciate her own. Therefore results, status and the game itself must be easy to share. Think carefully about how users will do this, and whether the game is social by design, or is just social by afterthought.
  • User ExperienceUsers are brutal and will switch to the company that serves them best. By focusing on user experience customer will stay loyalty and relate to your brand and product. Spend time being a user and experience how they see your product. Ask yourself; is this an experience which excites, intrigues and delights you?

If you are thinking of using games to build your business then Adverway can help. We realised the importance of these pillars and we have built our tool around them. This means games designed through our tools are powerful and engaging ways to build small businesses’ social media presence and communities. To find out how Adverway can connect the power of your brand with the power of games, visit our site and try our demos!!

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