The users of the internet are mostly millennials and the generation z. They are the ones who often engaged too much with whatever is available on the web; from social media and communicating platforms to stores and online shops. Among the millions of internet users, 75% of the population are teenagers and young adults who are often fond of gaming, may it be online games, video games, or classic games. The intelligent minds of special people are able to connect every dot of the puzzle and came up with using online games in promoting something.

Online Games are currently used by online business in promoting their products and reaching out to millions of people. Facebook, for example, is one platform that holds multiple possibilities and opportunities for popularizing a company or a brand. Aside from this being a platform that allows marketers to gather information for their marketing plans, Facebook is deemed to be helpful in promoting a product with its gaming features. Dragon City, Tetris, and a lot more of games are found on Facebook and businesses created these games to give way for their product.

A clothing website used this certain idea in order to achieve the real purpose. They created a popular game called “Magic Make” where players can create their own designs and dresses. Along with it, their created characters can also use the dresses they made and use it while beating goblins, bosses, and fighting against enemies. After defeating each boss, the users will be given a virtual dress for their characters which are dresses from the clothing website. In this way, their clothing will be appreciated by many.

Also, there are multiple games where videos of a website will be shown after a certain period of time, appearing as an advertisement. Programmers will put their games to auction and marketers or site owners would pick which among these games has the potential to be popular. After which, they will then create agreements with the game developers regarding the promotion of their sites through the games.

As technology seems to advance and upgrading further and further, every aspect in this world has been going easier and easier. As business owners, we tend to cope up with the changes in the world that even using online games for the promotion of our sites or our products is taken into consideration.